Out of a multitude of solar power brands in the world we bring out the best brand where the customers can rely and trust on. AE SOLAR has 12 years of expertise in the industry,
providing products of the best quality.
Produced in Germany with cutting edge technology – the quality of the products are faultless! High resistance to wind and extreme climate conditions in a wide range of areas of the world has been tried and tested. In a nut shell, we offer the best in Solar Panels.
  • You are dependably on the correct agreement with our P6 and M6 arrangement of poly and mono crystalline sun powered modules.
  • Best workmanship meets superior. It’s given that every one of our modules are confirmed and affirmed as per the built up standards.
  • This secures long toughness of your PV framework and with the resistance of up to 5400 Pa, your generators are likewise insusceptible against solid hail and snow.

AE M5- 72

Power Range : 190W-215W

AE M6- 72

Power Range : 320W-345W