Around the world, the significance of saving energy to preserve the earth has turned out to be vital to the survival of the planet.

Established in 2015, Under ZEON INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD, Zeon Energy is a state-level high-GREEN Solution supplier and mechanical Security System supplier with several licenses for innovative creations.

The organization has expertise in Solar Power energy, CCTV security requirements Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Total Extra Low Voltage Systems, ready to furnish the client with center end and top of the line Solar Power Systems and Total Security arrangements.

We continually improve to meet our clients’ requirements, and ensure that we do so with the best quality in order to provide you with nothing but the best.

As the most technically advanced & cost effective energy and security solution provider, We bring the technology of complete high-performance hybrid systems to Sri Lanka, helping you improve energy efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint. An environmentally friendly company, we put smiles on faces – in that of our customers and that of Mother Nature.


To create a secure platform that can be embraced by the environment and the people through the latest technologies.


We help utilize energy effectively, while creating a clean and sustainable power source. We try to help our customers accomplish their objectives of clean energy with genuine products, provided at the highest possible quality at a reasonable price.